Software Development

We bring ideas to life! Our dedicated team of software developers, programmers, and engineers have been simplifying business processes for the past 7 years. We specialize in Application Software and Embedded Software (IoT)

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Software Solution:

  1. Business Process Automations: Sales, Marketing, HR, Accounting, Customer Support, Operations, Logistics, etc.
  2. Solution to Ideas
  3. Recreate and Renovate Older Version

Software Development Lifecycle

  1. To Choose The Approach (Agile, CMM, Waterfall, SAFe, RAD, DevOps)
  2. User Requirement Documentation
  3. Architecture Finalisation & Creation
  4. Designing (Process & Models)
  5. Coding
  6. Testing and Walkthroughs
  7. Tweaks & Bugs Handling
  8. Deployment
  9. Data Migration (optional)
  10. Support (Shared/Dedicated, optional)

Quality Assurance Process

  1. Unit-Wise Testing
  2. Walkthroughs
  3. Code Reviews
  4. Group Reviews
  5. Data Backup and Data Recovery Tests
  6. Security Tests
  7. System Integration and Deployment

What makes our software the best

  1. Automation (Use of AI & Automated process > minimum user load)
  2. Cloud-Native & Cloud-Based Development
  3. Optimal Coding
  4. Configuration & Settings > User Authority
  5. User roles & User Management
  6. Multi OS Compatible (Windows, MAC, Linux)
  7. Notification Systems
  8. Alerts, SMS, Email, Integration & Notifications
  9. Free-Flow Modules > Smooth User Experience
  10. Related with the mobile app (in depth features are related to the mobile app to provide a seamless experience)
  11. Offline & Online Functions
  12. Fast Loading & Easy Navigation
  13. Great Error Handling
  14. Soothing Colour Schemes
  15. Scalable (in every aspect)
  16. In-Built Analytics
  17. Regular updates
  18. Secure
  19. Reduced Data Redundancy
  20. Accelerated delivery process

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