3 major categories of SEO : Local SEO | International SEO | Technical SEO

5 other types of SEO : E-commerce SEO | On-Page SEO | Off-Page SEO | Content SEO | Mobile SEO

Local SEO

Capture the local market with the perfect SEO strategy specifically tailored for your business goals and budget, which maximizes your visibility by optimizing your map presence and local listing. Local SEO is helpful for customers, finding your products and services in the local area. Local SEO (search engine optimization) targets “near me” and geo-specific search queries, mostly searched from mobile, so your website must be mobile responsive. Through Local SEO multi-location businesses have an added incentive to optimize their access to potential customers.

  • Local Profile Creation
  • Build Citations and Links
  • Creation of HTML Page for Website
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Review Generation and Reputation Management

International SEO

International SEO is for those companies who sell their products and services abroad, you can say International SEO is a process of growing your website’s organic presence in international markets. It allows you to reach users in specific countries, it will increase your sales and brand visibility. Our Company specializes in creating multilingual website projects and has an experience to structure websites for specific locations and languages. By implementing an international SEO strategy you can bring huge opportunities for your business.

  • Specific Language Website
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Website Structure
  • International SEO consulting
  • Digital PR & Link Building
  • Local SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process that covers optimizations it will improve search engine ranking and your website is compatible with search engine guidelines. Make sure your web pages are well structured for both search engine spiders and online users.

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Meta Data Analysis
  • Image Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Structured Data Markup
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Website Migration